The Gloaming Gruesomeness Of Spring (Equinox)

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3 min readMar 19, 2024

It’s almost the first day of Spring here in the Northern Hemisphere, but the weather still feels very cranky, to put it mildly. So, what can we do to placate the tempestuous Mother Nature and her denizens? By turning the naturecore trend into a movement that’s about much more than consumerist indulgences.

Every horror writer knows that forests are not as idyllic as they seem — not only are they full of magic, they contain inscrutable secrets yet to be revealed even for the most devout of practical scientists.

This equinox, don’t just pass through the forest on the well-beaten path, blend in as much as possible with the dirt, the leaves, and the shadows.

Paradoxically, it’s also time to embrace the state of natural decay and accept that things don’t have to be perfectly pristine. Abandon the weed whackers, the leaf blowers, and even the driveway brooms and let your yards become as untidy as your windblown hair and your dirt-streaked visage.

Spring Equinox: March 19

Seasonal Symbolism: Dirt, Shadows, Deep Forests, Dappled Sunlight, Cobwebs, Gnomes, Ogres, Trolls, Goblins, Messy Hair, Tangled Vines, Creeping Ivy, Weeds, Mud, Tattered or Patched Clothing, Riots of Mismatched Colours, Mushrooms, Earthworms, Moles, Gophers, and Slugs.

Tips on Cultivating Creativity During the Spring Season

  • Forget about making a carefully curated altar this Spring. It’s too confining for the energy of this particular season. Grab one of those journals that’s gathering dust on your bookshelf, and head out to find the nearest, and gloomiest, grove of twisty and tangled trees.
  • Make a vow to stop using pesticides. In many ways, they can be more lethal than any threat posed by encroaching foliage. If you live in a very urban area, explore ways or join organizations to bring more nature into the concrete landscape.
  • This Spring is about more than just “Spring Cleaning” or downsizing. It’s really time to take stock of your consumerist habits, and figure out which of your goblin hoard of shiny things really bring you pleasure, and which can be abandoned by the side of the road (or at your local consignment store). If you must add to your collection of treasures, select items that have the potential to organically decay over bits and bobs made of plastic or synthetic materials. Trade your glittery baubles for an ecofriendly set of paints, or a palette of earth-friendly natural dyes and hues.
  • Keep things in motion. Even seemingly static trees find a way to dance and migrate. Explore different subgenres for your writing. Try out new art mediums such as clay or sculpture using found materials. Raid consignment stores and thrift shops for materials that can be reused or repurposed for art or for clothing.
  • Stay away from the “tried and true” and experiment, experiment, experiment. It’s the season for adventures and experiences, so pack up that picnic lunch and prepare to get lost in the forest!



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