Flex Clip: Your Secret Weapon in the Book Promo Arms Race

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5 min readMay 23, 2024

Flex Clip: Your Secret Weapon in the Book Promo Arms Race

Welcome to the digital age, where your book’s success might just hinge on how snazzy your promotional videos are. Enter Flex Clip — the Swiss Army knife of video editing that’s making the old-school book readings in dimly lit rooms a thing of the past. Here’s why every author should be waving goodbye to simple text updates and hello to full-blown cinematic trailers for their literary creations.

Talk Nerdy to Me: Text Editing That Gets You

Flex Clip’s online text editor is like having a cool librarian who’s also a tech whiz at your disposal — no software downloads necessary. Choose from a smorgasbord of fonts, whether you’re into the sleek modern look or something that screams “I was handwritten by Edgar Allan Poe.” Fancy your own font? Upload it. Want your text to dance across the screen? Set those words in motion with animations that pop, fade, and typewriter their way into your audience’s hearts. The flexible text editing tools let you adjust everything from font size and color to opacity and alignment, empowering you to create perfectly tailored video content.

Play Everywhere: Be the Social Butterfly of Video Content

Whether your fans hang out on YouTube, TikTok, or still haven’t moved on from Facebook, Flex Clip has you covered. This tool doesn’t just flirt with one platform; it plays the field. Create once, tweak to fit anywhere — from Instagram stories that disappear in a day to tweets that hopefully don’t start wars.

Try Before You Buy: The Ultimate Teaser

Flex Clip lets you dip your toes in the video editing waters with a free version. Sure, it’s watermarked, but think of it as a temporary tattoo that says, “I’m just trying this out.” Ready to go full pro? A few clicks and you’re there, no more branding, just your beautiful book trailers, looking like a million bucks.

Template Treasure Trove

Flex Clip’s trailer video maker is particularly noteworthy. Need a book trailer that whispers “bestseller”? Or a horror movie teaser that screams (literally)? Flex Clip’s templates are like those meal kits — everything you need, just add creativity. It comes equipped with ready-made templates, text options, effects, countdowns, and speed controls, simplifying the creation of professional-looking trailers for books, movies, or any product. And for the DIY crowd, there’s plenty of room to mix, match, and mess around until your trailer is uniquely yours.

Real-World Application: Promoting ‘Shadowed Realms’

At Horror Tree, we leveraged Flex Clip’s capabilities to create a compelling book trailer for our latest anthology, Shadowed Realms. This collection highlights the best dark fiction from semi-pro and token-paying markets, featuring a diverse array of stories published in 2022. The trailer helped us showcase the thematic variety of the anthology — from eerie addictions to cosmic horrors — drawing attention to both renowned and lesser-known authors in the speculative fiction realm.

8 Video Ideas To Use Flex Flip To Promote Your Work:

  • Backstage Pass to Writing: Ever wondered what authors wear while crafting chilling tales? Spoiler: it’s probably pajamas. Dive into behind-the-scenes videos where authors spill the beans on their inspirations, quirky writing rituals, or how their tenth cup of coffee still isn’t enough.
  • The Author’s Couch: Forget dry, written interviews. Picture this: an author, a comfy couch, and a camera — it’s real talk time. Dive deep into their character’s psyche, laugh about blooper-worthy plot twists, and get the scoop on what’s next.
  • Book Parties in Your PJs: Who says you need a fancy launch party? Virtual book readings and launches let fans join in from anywhere — even from under their comforter. Jazz it up with snazzy graphics and interactive elements, making every reader feel like a VIP guest.
  • Professor Author’s Writing Workshop: Roll up your sleeves and sharpen your pencils. Video tutorials on creating mesmerizing characters or avoiding plot holes are like mini masterclasses, making every viewer a little wiser and every story a little sharper.
  • Fan Q&A Sessions: Video responses to fan questions are a great way to engage the community. These can be more dynamic and personable compared to text responses, and with video editing software, authors can add creative touches to make these sessions more entertaining.
  • Book Reviews and Recommendations: Authors can create videos reviewing other books or sharing their recommendations. This not only helps build community by supporting other authors but also keeps the audience engaged between book releases.
  • Collaborations with Other Authors: Creating collaborative videos with other authors can help reach different audiences, share fan bases, and discuss common themes or interests. These collaborations can range from discussions and debates to co-authoring a story live.
  • The Story So Far…: Got a knack for leaving your readers wanting more? Tease them with serialized snippets of your upcoming masterpiece. Each clip ends on a cliffhanger so gripping, even the most patient readers will be marking days off their calendars.

Final Thoughts: Why Flex Clip?

Because in the world of book promotions, being seen is, unfortunately, just as important as being read. Flex Clip turns your promotional efforts into an art form, ensuring your book doesn’t just sit on the shelf — it does the cha-cha across your audience’s screens. It also does so at a price point that most of us can stomach, which is a rarity for video software that is so easy to use. So, gear up, get creative, and let Flex Clip be your guide in the visually-packed journey of book marketing. Your readership awaits, one stunning video at a time.




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