Check out the ‘Voyage Into Genre’ Book Tour to see Andrea Hairston, Nghi Vo, Rebecca Thorne, & Veronica Roth live!

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3 min readApr 19, 2024

In a captivating fusion of the speculative and the sensational, Tor Publishing Group, in partnership with Lit Hub, invites you to an evening imbued with the fantastical — a live rendition of our beloved Voyage Into Genre podcast. For the uninitiated, Voyage Into Genre brings forth bi-weekly dialogues hosted by Drew Broussard, where the luminaries of Tor narrate their tales, discuss the trajectories of their genres, and occasionally, spring a surprise or two. This spectacle aligns with the podcast’s ethos, presenting a cadre of Tor’s trailblazers, each accompanied by a distinguished guest moderator. Make your presence known — RSVP to join the conclave of narrative nomads.

Embarking Authors:

Andrea Hairston, a beacon in the realms of speculative thought, brings us her latest odyssey, Archangels of Funk. Hairston, whose accomplishments include the Otherwise and Carl Brandon Kindred Awards, weaves a narrative where past haunts and future threats converge amid the backdrop of the Water Wars. With Cinnamon and her eclectic troupe, the tale explores themes of survival and legacy against a backdrop of digital dystopia and corporeal chaos.

Nghi Vo, the herald of the Hugo Award-winning Singing Hills Cycle, introduces us to The Brides of High Hill. Set against the crumbling vestiges of empires, this standalone gothic mystery unfurls through the eyes of Cleric Chih as they unravel the enigmatic demise of Lord Guo’s brides. Vo’s narrative promises to be a chiaroscuro of fear and intrigue, where the most menacing monsters are those hidden in plain sight.

Rebecca Thorne, with her tapestry of fantasy and sci-fi romances, presents Can’t Spell Treason Without Tea. In the spirit of cozy fantasies, Thorne narrates the saga of Reyna and Kianthe — guard and mage — yearning for a quaint existence far from their tumultuous pasts. Amid assassination and royal wrath, their dream of a serene bookshop becomes a sanctuary of stories and soul-searching.

Veronica Roth, a visionary who has sculpted landscapes of dystopia and destiny, invites us to delve into When Among Crows. Roth’s narrative marries Slavic folklore with the visceral quest of Dymitr, a monster-hunter seeking redemption, and Ala, a doomed zmora seeking salvation. Together, they navigate the treacherous terrains of alliances and animosities, where every shadow may harbor salvation or damnation.

Tour Schedule:

  • Monday, 5/13 at 7pm in Seattle, WA: Join them at Third Place Books at Lake Forest Park, 17171 Bothell Way NE, for an evening hosted by TJ Klune, who infuses narratives with both whimsy and weight, questioning the contours of community and queer identity.
  • Tuesday, 5/14 at 6:30pm in Grand Rapids, MI: Meet them at Schuler’s Books, 2660 28th St SE for a night moderated by Jacqueline Carey, whose tales traverse the terrains of love’s labors lost and found, within realms both mythic and mystic.
  • Wednesday, 5/15 at 7pm in Cincinnati, OH: Gather at Joseph-Beth Booksellers, 2692 Madison Rd, for a discussion lead with Christopher Buehlman, where humor and horror blend into a commentary on conflict and camaraderie.
  • Thursday, 5/16 at 7pm in Raleigh, NC: Come to Quail Ridge Books, 4209–102 Lassiter Mill Road, for a session moderated by T. Kingfisher, whose prose punctuates the peculiar, peering into the paranormal and the profoundly personal.
  • Friday, 5/17 at 7:30pm in New York, NY: Conclude the tour at Greenlight Books @ St. Joseph’s College, 245 Clinton Ave, Brooklyn, with moderator P. Djèlí Clark, whose works weave together the weft of history with the warp of speculative saga.

You can find the full details including RSVP links at Lithub’s announcement page!



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